If you visit my Facebook page you have seen some of my crochet projects over the years. I have enjoyed making big afghans, especially if the stitches vary and creating it is a challenge. More recently I have been crocheting lapghans...slightly smaller versions of their big sisters, afghans. I try to make each one unique by starting with a different centrepiece and working outward using my own stitches as it grows beyond whatever pattern I may have used to begin it.

I enjoy crocheting, and it keeps my hands out of the potato chip bag while I'm watching TV in the evenings. It also helps me think through plotlines while I'm writing.

Bottom line here is I have a few piling up and several people have asked me if I would consider selling them. Well, here's your answer.


If you are interested in buying one and would like a unique, one of a kind handcrafted lapghan by yours truly, check out what is available below and send me an email with the name or number of the 'ghan.

I laid them all out on the patio to try to get a true color, then spread them on a lazy-boy chair to give an idea of the size. I could have just measured them, but seeing is believing *G*

I'll be adding more as I finish them, so keep checking back. Not too often. I don't crochet *that* fast.
Number ONE aka the Red Sunflower
Number TWO aka Snowflakes
Number THREE aka Pastel Stripes
Number FOUR aka Cosmic Oranges
Number FIVE aka Blue Chrysanthemum.
Number SIX aka Blues on Blues
Number SEVEN (and my personal favorite)
                      Blue Beauty

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